Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2015-11-20
Razvan OpreaClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2015-11-20
Christian ScheeleClosing PlenaryForced Firmware Lockdown2015-11-20
Ondřej CaletkaClosing PlenaryA Measurement of SMTP over TLS2015-11-20
Geoff HustonClosing PlenaryToday’s Mobile Internet2015-11-20
Guillermo CicileoNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC Update2015-11-20
Ingrid WijteNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Statistics Report2015-11-19
Axel PawlikNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Update2015-11-19
Ondrej FilipRoutingTurris and Turris Omnia2015-11-19
Willem TooropDNSI. DNSSEC for Legacy Applications2015-11-19
Jen LinkovaIPv6A. Administrative Matters2015-11-19
Alex BandDatabaseC. Updated RIPE Database Documentation2015-11-19
Job SnijdersDatabaseF. ROUTE Object Authorisation Update2015-11-19
Timo HilbrinkIPv6IPv6 Deployment at XS4ALL, a Success Story2015-11-19
João Luis Silva DamasDNSImpact of DNS over TCP - a Resolver Point of View2015-11-19
Anand BuddhdevDNSB. RIPE NCC Report2015-11-19
Peter HesslerOpen SourceE3. Current Status of OpenBSD/OpenBGPd2015-11-19
Jan VčelákOpen SourceTowards Secure Input Handling in C/C++ Code2015-11-19
Oskari RasiIPv6D. IPv6 deployment experiences from DNA Finland2015-11-19
Alexander AzimovRoutingA Simple BGP2015-11-19
Randy BushRoutingBGP Collector Communities2015-11-19
Jaap AkkerhuisDNSKSK Roll Prepping: RFC 50112015-11-19
Tahar SchaaCooperationRole of governments building Internet policies2015-11-19
Tahar SchaaCooperationRole of governments building Internet policies2015-11-19
Xavier Torrent GorjonDNSH. Discovery Method for a Validating Stub Resolver2015-11-19
Collin AndersonCooperationExport controls, human rights, and networked technologies2015-11-19
Rob EvansRoutingAdministrivia2015-11-19
Chris BuckridgeCooperationRIPE NCC report on the WSIS+10 process2015-11-19
Farzaneh BadiiCooperationRIR accountability2015-11-19
Valentina PavelCooperationDigital Privacy in the EU2015-11-19
Geoff HustonIPv6IPv6 Performance2015-11-19
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseAA-WG RIPE71 Agenda2015-11-18
Nigel TitleyDatabaseAction point update2015-11-18
Jan VčelákDNSGeographic Split-horizon DNS2015-11-18
WG ChairsOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters (Working Group Chairs)2015-11-18
Wataru IshidaOpen SourceGoBGP: Yet Another OSS BGPD2015-11-18
Oana NiculaescuCooperationIncome Inequality, Access Inequality, and Geography2015-11-18
Ondřej SurýDNSE. Integration Testing of DNS Recursive Servers2015-11-18
Pavel OdintsovBoFSpoofing Issue2015-11-18
Andrei RobachevskyBoFHow do we Address the Problem of IP Spoofing? And is it a Problem Worth Solving?2015-11-18
Erik BaisAnti-AbuseOpen Source Abuse Management for Network Operators - Abuse.io2015-11-18
Andrew de la HaijeRIPE NCC ServicesF. RIPE NCC Operational Update2015-11-18
Elise GerichRIPE NCC ServicesB. IANA Update2015-11-18
Nathalie Kunneke-TrenamanIPv6E1. Lost Stars: Follow-up2015-11-18
Nathalie Kunneke-TrenamanIPv6E1. Lost Stars: Follow-up2015-11-18
Tomas HlavacekDatabaseF. Routing Policies vs. Reality in BGP [15 min]2015-11-18
Michel ODOUDatabaseAfrinic Routing Registry2015-11-18
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Outlook2015-11-18
Benedikt StockebrandIPv6B. The Next Step: IPv6 from the Enterprise Perspective2015-11-18
Axel PawlikN/ADraft RIPE NCC Activity Plan and Budget 2016 -- GM2015-11-18
William SylvesterDatabaseControl Over Associating Objects for Number Blocks2015-11-18
William SylvesterDatabaseControl Over Associating Objects for Number Blocks2015-11-18
William SylvesterDatabaseControl Over Associating Objects for Number Blocks2015-11-18
Alex BandRIPE NCC ServicesG. RIPE NCC Services Developments [15 min]2015-11-18
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseAfrinic IRR Homing Project Update2015-11-18
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseDatabase Updates - Operational, New functionality & Personalised Authentication2015-11-18
Vesna ManojlovicMATRIPE Atlas 2015 Update2015-11-18
Jari ArkkoRIPE NCC ServicesD. IETF Endowment Update [10 min]2015-11-18
Robert KistelekiOpen SourceRIPE Atlas CLI Toolset2015-11-18
Luuk HendriksIPv6D1. Flow-based Detection of IPv6-specific Threats2015-11-18
Jen LinkovaIPv6E. Open Mic Discussion: IPv6-only Network @ RIPE Meetings: What’s Next?2015-11-18
Martin LevyConnectTryst / RIPE Atlas2015-11-18
Ciprian NicaAddress PolicyRomania's Jump to 1st Place as Exporter of IPs2015-11-18
Thomas KingConnectTraffic Volume Dependencies of Large IXPs2015-11-18
Thomas KingConnectBGP Communities for Blackholing Traffic2015-11-18
Remco van MookConnectAgenda2015-11-18
Jen LinkovaIPv6A. Administrative Matters2015-11-18
Uta Meier-HahnConnectStudy About Internet Interconnections: Preliminary Results2015-11-18
Emile AbenConnectCountries, IXPs and RIPE Atlas2015-11-18
Chris BakerDNSiOS OSx and IPv6 Exploring the Impact of IPv6 Preference2015-11-18
Christian KaufmannMATA. Introduction: Welcome, Scribe, Jabber, Agenda2015-11-18
Nick HilliardAddress Policy2014-03 "Remove Multihoming Requirement for AS Number Assignments"2015-11-18
Nick HilliardAddress PolicyASN Assignment Policies2015-11-18
Erik BaisAddress Policy2015-04 "RIPE Resource Transfer Policies"2015-11-18
Sascha BleidnerOpen SourceE2. jAtlasX - Access RIPE Atlas Through Java [8min]2015-11-18
Dario ROSSIMATD. Where Are the Anycasters, reloaded? - Dario Rossi - 20m2015-11-18
Sascha BleidnerMATYIN-YANG ninjaX tracerouting2015-11-18
Ingrid WijteAddress PolicyD. Feedback From RIPE NCC Registration Services2015-11-18
Erik BaisAddress PolicyF. Discussion of Open Policy Proposals2015-11-18
Florence LavroffConnectClosure : Working With CDNs: Towards BCOP2015-11-17
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyC. Current Policy Topics2015-11-17
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyWG steering slides2015-11-17
Andrei RobachevskyConnectUpdate on MANRS2015-11-17
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters [5 min]2015-11-17
Vesna ManojlovicRACIMoar hackathons2015-11-17
Shane KerrRACIShrug Daemon2015-11-17
Jen LinkovaIPv6D2. IPv6-only BCOP2015-11-17
Sander SteffannIPv6DHCPKit2015-11-17
Markus de BrünAnti-AbuseHelping Network Operators to Bring Down DDoS Sources - ANSSI2015-11-17
Massimo CandelaPlenaryReal-time BGP Monitoring with BGPlay Massimo Candela, RIPE NCC2015-11-17
Randy BushRACIMulti-Homed Atlas Probe2015-11-17
Ciprian MargineanPlenaryMeet the Falcons2015-11-17
Marco CaniniPlenaryENDEAVOUR: Towards a Flexible Software-Defined Network Ecosystem2015-11-17
Emile AbenPlenaryMeasuring Multi-CDNs2015-11-17
Radu-Adrian FEURDEANAddress Policy2015-05 "Revision of Last /8 Allocation Criteria"2015-11-17
Florian MauryAnti-AbuseHelping Network Operators to Bring Down DDoS Sources - ANSSI2015-11-17
Colin PetrieRoutingRIPE NCC Updates on Routing Information Service (RIS)2015-11-17
Brian TrammellMATInternet Path Transparency Research and the mPlane Platform - Brian Trammel - 15m2015-11-17
Athina FragkouliPlenaryICANN Accountability Update2015-11-17
Chris BuckridgePlenaryIANA Stewardship Transition Timeline2015-11-17
Nurani NimpunoPlenaryThe IANA Stewardship Transition and the Number Community2015-11-17
Elise GerichRIPE NCC ServicesIANA Numbering Function Update2015-11-17
Ondřej SurýRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Arbiters Process2015-11-17
George MichaelsonPlenaryA Look Under the Hood at Devices, Networks and IPv62015-11-17
Bert WijnenBoFIBNEMO – Intent Based NEtwork MOdeling2015-11-17
Leslie CarrPlenaryWhat is NetDevOps? Why?2015-11-17
Andra LutuPlenaryMONROE: Measuring Mobile Broadband in Europe2015-11-16
Dario ROSSIMATC. Impact of Carrier Grade NAT on Web Browsing - Dario Rossi - 20m2015-11-16
Dario ROSSIPlenaryWhere are the Anycasters?2015-11-16
Vladislav BidikovRACIImproving Macedonia internet connectivity with RIPE Atlas2015-11-16
Massimo CandelaPlenaryReal-time BGP Monitoring with BGPlay2015-11-16
Lucy Turner, Louis Léonet, Claerwen O'Hara, Anne PlouyPlenaryThe Internet as a Field of Modern War: The Applicability of International Humanitarian Law to Cyber Warfare2015-11-16
J HorrellPlenarySpatial Representation of Broadband Networks in New Zealand2015-11-16
Tom DoNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Update2015-11-16
Sander SteffannBCOP Task ForceIPv6 for Enterprises BCOP2015-11-16
Vicente De LucaPlenaryDetecting and Mitigating DDoS: A FastNetMon Use Case2015-11-16
Job SnijdersBCOP Task ForceMANRS Implementation Document2015-11-16
Thomas WeiblePlenaryThe 101 of 100G Interoperability Thomas Weible, Flexoptix2015-11-16
Markus de BrünBCOP Task ForceBest Practice Documents from BSI2015-11-16
Jen LinkovaBCOP Task ForceIPv6-only Networks BCOP Document2015-11-16
Aaron HughesNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2015-11-16
Marco d'ItriOpening PlenaryBGP Security at Internet Exchanges: a practical experiment2015-11-16
Randy BushOpening PlenaryAutomated Certificate Management2015-11-16
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 712015-11-16
Remco van MookBCOP Task Force$1000 IXP BCOP2015-11-16
Thomas KingOpening PlenaryTraffic Volume Dependencies of IXPs2015-11-16
Matt Peterson & Bronwyn LewisTutorialsNetDevOps - Ansible 101 for Network Automation2015-11-16
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - RIPE NCC2015-11-16
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE 1012015-11-16
Matthew WalsterConnectSo, You've Decided to Peer…2015-11-16
mate csabaOpen SourceFreeRouter - Networking Swiss Army Knife2015-11-15
Marco Open DNS Datasets and Statistics2015-11-14
Wouter de VriesPlenaryScalable High-Speed Packet Capture using OpenFlow and Intel DPDK2015-11-13
Pavel OdintsovPlenaryFastNetMon – Open Source DDoS Mitigation Toolkit2015-11-12
Niels RaijerOpening PlenaryThe State of Mobile Satellite Internet2015-11-12
Yves VanaubelPlenaryMPLS Under the Microscope: Revealing Actual Transit Path Diversity2015-11-12
Luca SaniRoutingIsolario2015-11-12
Mirjam KühneAnti-AbuseUpdate on RIPE NCC Security Outreach Activities2015-11-11
Jose Leitao and David RotheraPlenaryDr NMS or: How Facebook Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Network2015-11-10
Karl BrumundPlenaryBuilding a Small DC... For the rest of us2015-10-26