Attendees checked in so far: 526

The fifth and final day of RIPE 71 began in the usual post-RIPE-Dinner fashion (tired but happy) as the meeting began to wind down.

The morning’s highlights include:DSC_3576

NRO/RIR Reports:

  • Updates from the four other RIRs, including a long-distance update from AFRINIC via Skype
  • An update on the NRO, delivered by Axel Pawlik, followed by statistics from Ingrid Wijte.

Closing Plenary:

The RIPE Programme Committee election results were:

  • Jelte Jansen
  • Mike Hughes

Geoff Huston, APNIC, gave a typically entertaining presentation on mobility in today’s Internet. It featured a prediction that there would be perhaps five laptops in the RIPE Plenary room by 2020.
There were two lightning talks.

  • A measurement of SMTP over TLS Ondřej Caletka, CESNET
  • Forced Firmware Lockdown Christian Scheele, embeDD

Razvan Oprea from the RIPE NCC gave the technical update. In a show of hands, almost all attendees said they had steady WiFi and could work without problems all week.

RIPE Chair Hans Petter Holen made the final announcements.

  • 526 Checked in attendees
  • 147 newcomers
  • 52 countries

NRO NC election:

  • Nurani Nimpuno was appointed to the NRO NC

The following announcements were made regarding the DNS Working Group:

  • Peter Koch is stepping down as DNS WG Chair
  • Dave Knight has been selected as DNS WG Chair