RIPE NCC Services Working Group Agenda

Wednesday, 18 November 16:00 - 17:45

A. Administrative Matters [5 min]


B. IANA Update [10 mins]
Elise Gerich


C. RIPE NCC Outlook [20 min]
Axel Pawlik

Note: This presentation originally included an incorrect date on slide no. 3, which stated the number of RIPE NCC members as of November 2015. The date should have read November 2014. The presentation was updated on 19 November 2015 with the correct date.


D. IETF Endowment Update [10 min]
Jari Arkko


E. RIPE NCC Arbiters Process [10 min]
Ondřej Surý and Wilfried Woeber


F. RIPE NCC Operational Update [15 min]
Andrew de la Haye


G. RIPE NCC Services Developments [15 min]
Alex Band


H. Open Microphone Session [5 min]

Z. Any Other Business