12:53 < Michael_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Michael from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenters and want me to read them out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
12:56 < job> Hi Michael
12:57 < Michael_RIPENCC> Hi Job, thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the morning sessions and the lunch
13:02 < Michael_RIPENCC> Hans Petter Holen has begun his welcome to RIPE 71
13:11 < Michael_RIPENCC> Benno is introducing the Programme Committee
13:14 < Michael_RIPENCC> Niels Raijer has begun the presentation “The State of Mobile Satellite Internet”.
13:14 < rbarnes> video stream appears to be a few minutes behind. benno still speaking?
13:14 < job> Niels Raijer on stage! whoop whoop!
13:14 < rbarnes> ah, ok, yes, laggy
13:20 < dnshane> "Like a laptop from the 1990's". That could mean very different things if we are talking 1991 vs 1999. 😛
13:20 < rfc5340> eheh
13:36 < dnshane> "Russia, China, Australia"
13:36 < dnshane> Countries that insist on seeing all traffic. Tsk. 🙁
13:39 < Michael_RIPENCC> Niels Raijer has asked for questions.
13:43 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
13:44 < rbarnes> i wonder if the video stream here is running over satellite, given the multi-minute latency 😉
13:45 < Michael_RIPENCC> Randy Bush has begun the presentation “Automatic Certificate Issuance”.
13:49 < dnshane> Randy is struggling to keep his grumpiness in check. 😀
13:52 < rbarnes> dnshane: indeed, i was wondering how much trolling i would get from randy in exchange for him doing the preso
13:55 < dnshane> Wish you could have been here, but Randy is doing a pretty good job with your slides. 🙂
13:55 < rbarnes> oops, sorry copy/paste error
13:58 < dnshane> Hm, are there "real" revocations or are those tests? Do we know?
13:58 < amd2-ripe> according to, general availability is 'Week of November 16th'
13:59 < rbarnes> i lost the live stream, but can take questions here
13:59 < brian-1213> amd2-ripe: What a curious date to pick. 🙂
13:59 < dnshane> Yeah, I was hoping that this presentation would be at the start of the week of general availability.
13:59 < rbarnes> dnshane: trust me, so was the development team
13:59 < dnshane> A few weeks doesn't really matter of course. 🙂
13:59 < amd2-ripe> rbarnes: ah, so you need to update the webpage ? 🙂
13:59 < brian-1213> And then remind us all again in a couple of weeks. 🙂
14:00 < dnshane> Randy pimping DANE!
14:00 < rbarnes> brian-1213: there will be much tweeting, i'm sure
14:00 < brian-1213> I don't *just* communicate on Twitter. 🙂
14:01 < brian-1213> But is there an account I should be following?
14:01 < amd2-ripe> .. randy .. and kinky ..
14:01 < dnshane> brian-1213: Apparently IRC too. 😉
14:01 < rbarnes> amd2-ripe: does it still say Nov? i'll let them know
14:01 < rbarnes> brian-1213: @letsencrypt is the official one
14:01 < amd2-ripe> rbarnes: it does, checked right before I posted it here
14:01 < Michael_RIPENCC> Randy Bush has asked for questions.
14:01 < rbarnes> amd2-ripe: ack, consider bug filed
14:01 < furry> oh, it works 😉 I mean my irc cleint..
14:01 < amd2-ripe> rbarnes: says so in the FAQ that links to that page
14:01 < brian-1213> rbarnes: Followed, thanks.
14:03 < rbarnes> to dave's question: We are starting out with the state of the art, which is empirical validation
14:04 < rbarnes> would be glad if we could, say, get authoritative information from the registries
14:04 < dnshane> This sounds like a philosophical question.
14:04 < dnshane> "What if someone has total control of your domain but doesn't 'own' it?"
14:04 < davew-1213> rbarnes: thanks. i can certainly see how it beats status quo/doing nothing.
14:04 < dnshane> 😛
14:05 < rbarnes> dnshane: yeah. for better or worse, this is the PKI we have today. we should make it better, but that's largely orthogonal to automating
14:05 < dnshane> The same argument came up in the DANE context, IIRC.
14:05 < amd2-ripe> the multiple moneymakers^WCA we have now, could do with some competition 🙂
14:05 < furry> if someone is a hosting provider, (s)he has root@ at servers…so full access anyway and a kind of 'owns' everything..
14:06 < amd2-ripe> if you distrust your ISP, you're on a slippery slope allready and should consider becoming your own ISP
14:07 < dnshane> Tsk. Next thing you know you're going to say that you shouldn't put everything in the cloud. Might as well put on a tinfoil hat. 😉
14:07 < sps4-ripe> I'll go find us a couple of those tinfoils 😉
14:07 < rbarnes> furry: that's both a bug and a feature. see, e.g., akamai offering Let's Encrypt certificates for their customers
14:07 < brian-1213> I was asking the NCC folks if such hats should be a meeting give-away at some point.
14:08 < dnshane> brian-1213: I like it! 😀
14:08 < amd2-ripe> I wonder if people that fear aliens wear tinfoil pants too ..
14:08 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:08 < brian-1213> We could have different designs. The Randy, The Rudiger...
14:08 < dnshane> I'm sure BECHA can find us some some open source plans for tinfoil hats.
14:09 < Michael_RIPENCC> Thomas King has begun the presentation “Traffic Volume Dependencies of IXPs”.
14:10 < justa> Sound on the live-stream is a bit too loud
14:10 < justa> (clipping)
14:11 < sps4-ripe> yes, had to turn down sound during Benedikt as my ears were getting blown off.
14:11 < justa> Yep; guessed that.
14:12 < BECHA> dnshane: funny you would say that — at the last CCC camp && robodock-like-ADM festival there was a workshop about that 😉 let me look for the link…
14:12 < justa> A couple of colleagues here actually put their headphones off and stopped listening because of the clipping then on the guest-mike
14:12 < justa> Ohhh..
14:12 < justa> Nice.
14:12 < sps4-ripe> Thank you stream people 🙂
14:12 < justa> Sound just went down; much nicer
14:12 < amd2-ripe> Oooh, much nicer sound! \o/
14:12 < justa> Thankyouuuu
14:13 < amd2-ripe> praise be $sounddeities
14:13 < BECHA> justa: can't reach you on _another_ server, my problem or yours?
14:13 < mihnea_RIPENCC> We turned the sound levels down, thank you for letting us know!
14:14 < justa> BECHA: I think yours. I see you join/leaving, etc. I am on that server, too. Just sent you a test-message (succesful)
14:14 < BECHA> justa: working now, it's magic
14:15 < justa> Nah
14:15 < justa> Just sufficiently complex technology
14:16 < BECHA> dnshane:
14:17 < Michael_RIPENCC> Thomas King has asked for questions.
14:21 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:21 < Michael_RIPENCC> Marco d'Itri has begun the presentation “BGP Security at Internet Exchanges: a practical experiment”.
14:21 < amd2-ripe> mihnea_RIPENCC: very loud again
14:22 < dnshane> He's speaking loudly.
14:26 < Michael_RIPENCC> Marco d'Itri has asked for questions.
14:28 < mihnea_RIPENCC> We have asked the A/V team to adjust the levels, they should be better now.
14:33 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:59 < amanda_ncc> The webstream is down. We're trying to figure it out. Hold tight.
15:00 < justa> On my side of things, during Randy's presentation, the chat-service (cgi-irc) also didnt seem to work.
15:00 < justa> I used a (normal) IRC-client to connect, instead. JFYI
15:00 < andi-> its up again \o/
15:00 < amanda_ncc> *phew*
15:01 < job> maybe we can try and re-enact the talks that were not streamed?