12:59 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Hi there. I’m Fergal from the RIPE NCC and I’ll be monitoring this chatroom during the first DNS session. If you have questions for the presenters during the session, please let me know and state your name and affiliation. I can then ask it for you at the mic.
13:00 < Fergal_RIPENCC> Jim Reid, the Chair for this session, is introducing the DNS WG.
13:02 < Fergal_RIPENCC> First up is Anand Buddhdev with the RIPE NCC Report.
13:18 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Do you have any questions for Anand?
13:20 < matthijs> the signer should sign with both algorithms, validator should accept one
13:20 < matthijs> according to spec
13:20 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Do you want me to ask a question Matthijs? If so let me know and give affiliation. Cheers.
13:21 < jelte> i wonder if they have any measurements on how many of those (old, it has been fixed) unbound resolvers are still around
13:21 < matthijs> no thanks, that was an impulsive reaction to Geoff's question
13:22 < matthijs> jelte: the root rollover team may be investigating that actually
13:23 < jelte> mostly curious because i want to know when i can stop apologizing to people 😉
13:23 < matthijs> 🙂
13:24 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Next up is Chris Baker from Dyn, with “Measuring the Impact of IPv6 Resolver Preference”.
13:25 < philip_NCC> jelte: set up a zone that fails in this way and measure with Atlas.
13:25 < jelte> good idea, thanks 🙂
13:26 < dnshane> philip_NCC: the Atlas probes will give you a *best* case, I think.
13:26 < dnshane> Since probe hosters are self-selected, etc, etc.
13:26 < philip_NCC> A biased sample 🙂
13:26 < dnshane> Yes. 🙂
13:27 < dnshane> 25 msec timing, carefully measured by Apple engineers at Cuppertino and it works from their office. 😛
13:29 < jelte> "I assume the worst and I assume anything is broken." It appears he has been doing DNS for a while 🙂
13:40 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Any questions for Chris?
13:44 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Joao Damas from Bond Internet Systems is now presenting Impact of DNS over TCP - a Resolver Point of View.
13:57 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Do you have any questions for Joao?
14:02 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Ondřej Surý, CZ.NIC is presenting Integration Testing of DNS Recursive Servers
14:10 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Are there questions for Ondřej?
14:10 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> Marco Davids from SIDN is now presenting .nl Open DNS Datasets and Statistics.
14:11 < matthijs> small big data 🙂
14:19 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> If you have questions for Marco, let me know.
14:21 < Fergal_RIPENCC1> That's all folks! Second part of DNS session starts at 16:00 UTC+2.
14:40 < jilles> Ready for Xavier