07:57 < Michael_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Michael from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
08:06 < Michael_RIPENCC> Valentina Pavel has begun the presentation “Digital Privacy in the EU”.
08:10 < dnshane> "EU citizens would have the same redress rights as US citizens"..
08:10 < dnshane> But I thought the US basically had no privacy regulation?
08:10 < dnshane> Hm...
08:14 < Michael_RIPENCC> Shane, is that something you'd like me to put to Valentina when she opens the floor?
08:14 < dnshane> No thanks.
08:15 < dnshane> I will probably ask about it myself.
08:17 < Michael_RIPENCC> Any questions for Valentina?
08:22 < dnshane> Collin reports: He doesn't like cookies?!
08:22 < dnshane> 😛
08:24 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended
08:24 < Michael_RIPENCC> Collin Anderson has begun the presentation “Export controls, human rights, and networked technologies”.
08:36 < dnshane> So... no Dutch exports to the UK now?
08:36 < dnshane> 😛
08:40 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Collin Anderson has asked for questions.
08:42 < dnshane> But governments don't want open source versions of this stuff.
08:42 < dnshane> Any transparency in the area of surveillance is to be resisted at all costs!
08:45 < Michael_RIPENCC1> The presentation has ended.
08:45 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Oana Niculaescu has begun the presentation “Access and poverty in the United States”.
08:45 < Michael_RIPENCC1> oh - let me double check that
08:46 < Michael_RIPENCC1> ok, confirmed
08:54 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Oana Niculaescu has asked for questions.
09:02 < Michael_RIPENCC1> This session has now ended.
09:02 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Farzaneh Badii has begun the presentation “RIR accountability”.
09:06 < dnshane> Phrase of the day: "Institutional Isomorphism"
09:09 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Any questions for Farzaneh?
09:22 < Michael_RIPENCC1> The presentation has ended.
09:22 < dnshane> I thought there was only 1 talk left, sorry! :-/
09:24 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Tahar Schaa is now presenting (didn't catch the title, sorry)
09:24 < brian-1213> The RBL question is a great one, it's also a very depressing one.
09:24 < Michael_RIPENCC1> (on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior)
09:27 < Michael_RIPENCC1> any questions for Tahar?
09:28 < Michael_RIPENCC1> The presentation has ended.
09:28 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Chris Buckridge has begun the presentation “RIPE NCC report on the WSIS+10 process”.
09:34 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Does anyone have any questions for Chris lined up? We'll have to be quick off the mark.
09:35 < dnshane> Euphemism of the day: "Enhanced Cooperation"
09:35 < dnshane> 😛
09:39 < Michael_RIPENCC1> Last call for questions for Chris