12:59 < marcoh-ripencc> hello all
12:59 < marcoh-ripencc> IPv6 session is about to start
13:00 < marcoh-ripencc> I am Marco, I work for the RIPE NCC and will be monitoring this session to relay any questions and comments
13:01 < marcoh-ripencc> If you want me to relay the comment, please make it clear that is has to be relayed
13:01 < marcoh-ripencc> and provide me with your name and affiliation
13:01 < widell_Resilans> there seems to be a 30 second delay in the stream
13:01 < marcoh-ripencc> Jen has openend and is asking for coments on the agenda
13:25 < marcoh-ripencc> Benedikt has finished his presentation and asked for questions
13:26 < dnshane> Frequently ANSWERED questions? Do those exist? 😛
13:30 < marcoh-ripencc> Sander is startting his presentation on DHCP for ISPs
13:35 < Azi-47720> so, as soon as I force IPv4, the stream stops hacking :/
13:37 < marcoh-ripencc> Any questions or comments for Sander?
13:43 < marcoh-ripencc> sander hss asked for feedback
13:46 < marcoh-ripencc> two lightning talks coming up
13:47 < marcoh-ripencc> Luuk Hendriks started his presentation
13:56 < marcoh-ripencc> get your questions for Luuk ready 🙂
13:56 < marcoh-ripencc> He is getting near the end of his presentation
13:56 < marcoh-ripencc> happy to relay
14:06 < marcoh-ripencc> any questions/comments on the BCOP
14:10 < marcoh-ripencc> Mirjam will soon take over my duty here, but happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the NAT64 network running at this meeting
14:10 < marcoh-ripencc> which I realise is the one you can't participate remotely on 🙂
14:11 < marcoh-ripencc> but we do have a NAT64 network here on site
14:12 < marcoh-ripencc> any volunteers to help jen?
14:13 < Mirjam-RIPE-NCC> Taking over from Marco as chat monitor while he is participating in the discussion 🙂
14:13 < marcoh-ripencc> thank you for that
14:18 < Mirjam-RIPE-NCC> any feedback or questions for Marco?
14:31 < Mirjam-RIPE-NCC> session is ending - coffee break starts
14:31 < marcoh-ripencc> thank you mirjam