08:00 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> someone please tell Gert that his mic is open and can be heard by the remote participants
08:00 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> ow well.. doesn't matter 🙂
08:00 < Tim_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Tim from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
08:01 < Tim_RIPENCC> Can you hear him now?
08:01 < Tim_RIPENCC> ah right, nevermind
08:01 < Tim_RIPENCC> The chairs have begun the presentation "Administrative Matters".
08:03 < Tim_RIPENCC> The chairs have asked for comments on the agenda, there were no comments in the room
08:04 < Tim_RIPENCC> The chairs have asked for comments on the minutes, there were no comments in the room
08:04 < Tim_RIPENCC> The chairs have finished the presentation "Administrative Matters"
08:04 < Tim_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt has begun the presentation "Current Policy Topics".
08:19 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> Tim, is there anyone from the RIPE NCC on chat that I could talk to about the ripe71 website?
08:20 < Tim_RIPENCC> I don't see anyone else on this list right now, but you can send me a private message if you like and I can pass it on
08:20 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> basically, all presentation can be rated, except the first part of section F
08:21 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> 2015-05 "Revision of Last /8 Allocation Criteria"
08:21 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> 🙂
08:21 < Tim_RIPENCC> okay, I will pass on the message
08:21 < Tim_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt has asked for questions.
08:21 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> that should have been 'presentationS' 🙂
08:21 < Tim_RIPENCC> No questions in the room
08:22 < Tim_RIPENCC> Gert Doering has started the presentation "Discussion of Open Policy Proposals"
08:23 < mihnea_RIPENCC> Hi ElvisVelea-V4Escrow. What's up?
08:26 < Tim_RIPENCC> Nick Hilliard has started the presentation "ASN Assignment Policy"
08:28 < mihnea_RIPENCC> ElvisVelea-V4Escrow: All the presentations are now rateable in the section.
08:32 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> hey, great. thanks 🙂
08:33 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> sorry I did not answer earlier, was on a call 🙂
08:35 < Tim_RIPENCC> Nick Hilliard has asked for questions.
08:38 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> As a comment to what David Huberman said, I agree with him. We have two 'problems' that this possible future policy proposal will address. 2 policy proposals would be better than one
08:39 < Tim_RIPENCC> Okay Elvis, do you want me to read your comment out?
08:39 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> yes, please
08:44 < Tim_RIPENCC> Erik Bais has begun the presentation 2015-04 "RIPE Resource Transfer Policies".
08:55 < Tim_RIPENCC> Erik Bais has asked for opinions.
08:59 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> I think the best option is to first do a cleanup of all the policy documents and move all the transfer parts in one document. Then do additional changes using further proposals. Merging all documents together AND adding other things in there add the risk of rejecting the proposal although the intention of merging everything in one policy is applaudable.
08:59 < Tim_RIPENCC> okay, I will read out your comment
08:59 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> thanks
09:07 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> I think we should move all in one document.
09:08 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> (you can read that out)
09:08 < Tim_RIPENCC> okay
09:08 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> that was as an answer to Gert's question
09:08 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> I think the stream is again delayed 🙁
09:13 < Tim_RIPENCC> Radu-Adrian Feurdean has begun the presentation 2015-05 "Revision of Last /8 Allocation Criteria".
09:18 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> considering the heated discussion, it is my oppinion that the policy proposal, in its current version will not be able to reach consensus. If radu decides to do a second version and change the proposed text, I will no longer be part of the proposers 'team'. I had a lenghty discussion with Radu previous to the RIPE Meeting and we tried to see if there are any ways to change this proposal in order to get a version 2 that would be appro
09:18 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> vable by the community. However, I do not think that by adding more restrictions on who could receive additional /22s we could reach consensus.
09:19 < Tim_RIPENCC> Hi Elvis, do you want this read out at the end of the presentation?
09:19 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> (please read my comment at the mic once radu's presentation is done)
09:20 < Tim_RIPENCC> ok
09:20 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> unfortunatelly, I think that one of the versions of the stream (the one that does not break that often) gets delayed by a few minutes due to buffering
09:20 < Tim_RIPENCC> He is still presenting
09:20 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> 🙂
09:22 < Tim_RIPENCC> Radu-Adrian Feurdean has asked for questions.
09:33 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> one last comment: If Radu decides to move forward with v2, my previous comment does not imply that I will be against the policy. I will still support a version 2 as long as it makes sense, it's just that I will not be able to continue the work on this proposal and I am happy that other people (for example Ricardo) will pick up my 'proposer seat'
09:33 < Tim_RIPENCC> ok
09:34 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> thanks Tim 🙂
09:34 < Tim_RIPENCC> provided the mic isn't closed
09:34 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> also, please quote my affiliation as well 🙂
09:34 < Tim_RIPENCC> ok
09:34 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> don't want the chair to poke us for not using the etiquette 🙂
09:35 < prt-8676> nobody wants to be poked by a chair 🙂
09:39 < Tim_RIPENCC> The session has ended