09:59 < marita_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Marita from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
10:01 < marita_RIPENCC> Jose Leitao and David Rothera have begun the presentation "Dr NMS or: How Facebook Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Network
10:01 < Leslie> hey, it’s really quiet, could someone poke the AV people ?
10:02 < dnshane> It's fine in the room, you mean remotely?
10:02 < rhe-786> Judging by the whistling, I think the mic isn't in the best position and the gain is already cranked right up...
10:02 < Leslie> in the room
10:02 < dnshane> Hm.
10:02 < mihnea_RIPENCC> Leslie: I just asked, unfortunately the mike they are using can not be turned higher as it would get into feedback; they have a portable mike instead of using the stage ones which are better
10:03 -!- Leslie_ is now known as Leslie
10:28 < marita_RIPENCC> Jose and David have asked for questions.
10:30 < marita_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
10:31 < marita_RIPENCC> Karl Brumund has begun the presentation "Building a Small DC... For the rest of us".
10:48 < rhe-786> It's like magic. The presenter mentions exabgp, and tm-exa turns up.
10:53 < marita_RIPENCC> Karl has asked for questions.
10:55 < marita_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
10:55 < tm-exa> I am the devil's incarnated
10:55 < tm-exa> who said my name ?
10:55 < marita_RIPENCC> Leslie Carr has begun the presentation "What is NetDevOps? Why?”
10:56 < dnshane> She's quiet.
10:56 < dnshane> :-/
10:56 < rhe-786> tm-exa: Karl Brumund from Dyn.
10:56 < rhe-786> tm-exa: Using it to inject the IPs of services into their datacentre setup.
10:56 < dnshane> We could maybe make the WiFi IPv6 only to get more attention. πŸ˜‰
10:57 < tm-exa> and I will reference Leslie PuppetConf presentation at LINX today :
10:57 < tm-exa> rhe-786 cool πŸ™‚
11:10 < dnshane> Git really can solve all of the problems of the universe!
11:10 < dnshane> Perhaps we could have union and management use git to negotiate working conditions? πŸ˜›
11:10 < Robert> I thought DNS did that already
11:11 < rhe-786> dnshane: You're saying we should put the air conditioning in the hands of Git?
11:11 < dnshane> rhe-786... better than a ticket system?
11:15 < dnshane> Air conditioning will need CI to avoid mistakes, like when Americans try to set the temperature to 72 because they use a weird temperature scale. But it might work...
11:18 < marita_RIPENCC> Leslie has asked for questions.
11:27 < marita_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:28 < marita_RIPENCC> This session has now ended.