08:00 < Robert> Hi everyone, I'm Robert from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
08:02 < Robert> Dario Rossi has started his presentation "Where are the Anycasters?"
08:04 < rhe-786> Early entrant for most contrived acronym of the meeting.
08:05 < ripe813> no video/audio streaming available ?
08:05 < marita_RIPENCC> ripe813: it should be working now
08:06 < dnshane> The EMpTY award shall be awarded soon (Early entrant for the Most conTrived acronYm of the meeting).
08:06 < amanda_ncc> Did you see the ARC shirts, Shane?
08:07 < dnshane> Not that I am aware of.
08:07 < amanda_ncc> I think you'd appreciate them 😉
08:11 < dnshane> This whole approach fails with our new neutrino-based network... 😉
08:18 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> Hi
08:18 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> is it just me or is the video streaming down?
08:19 < ripe199> s jumping
08:19 < mihnea_RIPENCC> ElvisVelea-V4Escrow: We are experiencing networking issues, looking into it now. The stream is indeed unavailable. Apologies for the inconvenience.
08:19 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> oh, hey mihnea
08:19 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> okay, thanks
08:20 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> do you know if the vlc link works better than the webcast on the ripe71 website
08:20 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> ?
08:21 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> actually, I can confirm now that the vlc link works
08:22 < mihnea_RIPENCC> ElvisVelea-V4Escrow: they are both provided through the same stream, so should both work; VLC though is more robust than the browser in dealing with interruptions.
08:23 < Robert> and it works without flash installed 🙂
08:23 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> 🙂
08:23 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> well, when I asked, the browser was telling me that there is no html5 file to play
08:23 < mihnea_RIPENCC> ElvisVelea-V4Escrow: yes, that is the error when the stream provider is disconnected; it can't find it.
08:23 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> while the stream over the vlc just worked 🙂
08:27 < Robert> Dario has asked for questions.
08:31 < Robert> The presentation has ended.
08:31 < Robert> Andra Lutu has started her presentation "MONROE: Measuring Mobile Broadband in Europe"
08:33 < ripe199> The stream is really crappy from here, browser and vlc both
08:34 < ripe199> transcript works fine , though 🙂
08:34 < dnshane> We must be using a mobile network? 😉
08:35 < dnshane> Apparently both green AND blue are invisible on the projectors in the meeting room.
08:35 < dnshane> :-/
08:36 < amanda_ncc> I believe Job Snijders offered to reenact presentations yesterday, maybe the offer still stands today too. 😉
08:36 < dnshane> Making the Internet better through the power of interpretive dance?
08:36 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> the vlc works decently, from time to time I have to double click the link, when it crashes
08:36 < brian> Hmm, is it just me (and it may just be me) or is it very warm in the Plenary room?
08:37 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> maybe that's why the stream keeps failing? :))
08:37 < dnshane> Temperature is fine in the front. But I'm from Virginia, so take my opinion with a grain of warm, humid salt.
08:37 < amanda_ncc> Someone should do a presentation on how to establish optimal main room temperature at a RIPE Meeting.
08:38 < amanda_ncc> (The answer is probably: turn off all the devices)
08:38 < brian> amanda_ncc: I suspect that's an impossibly hard problem.
08:38 < dnshane> I think we still have a free LT for Friday, Amanda. NCC staff can also submit proposals. 😉
08:38 < amanda_ncc> haha
08:38 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> I have 73F here, and it's just perfect 🙂
08:38 < Robert> people also produce heat
08:38 < amanda_ncc> I'm constantly warmed by the glow of the tricaster
08:38 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> but then again, I'm 6363 miles away
08:40 < dnshane> I like the picture for "Business" on this slide.
08:41 < ElvisVelea-V4Escrow> I love it how all women know the difference between purple and magenta 😛
08:47 < Robert> Andra has asked for questions.
08:48 < Robert> The presentation has ended.
08:49 < Robert> Jamie Horrell has started his presentation "Spatial Representation of Broadband Networks in New Zealand"
08:50 < dnshane> Ug. Hate Apple Keynote files. :'(
08:50 < dnshane> I have to look at the big screen and not my laptop to follow along! 😛
08:51 < marita_RIPENCC> dnshane: the presentation is in pdf format also
08:51 < mihnea_RIPENCC> dnshane:
08:51 < dnshane> Ah, I had the agenda up from yesterday still. Thanks!
08:52 < dnshane> (I know it takes the NCC a short while to convert from horrible proprietary formats to good, humanity-loving open formats.) 😉
08:52 < marita_RIPENCC> We do our best. 😉
08:54 < dnshane> $ host
08:54 < dnshane> has address
08:54 < dnshane> has address
08:54 < dnshane> Hm. No IPv6.
08:55 < dnshane> Colors that are invisible on the projector: green. blue. pink. gr[ae]y.
09:12 < Robert> Jamie has asked for questions.
09:18 < Robert> The presentation has ended.
09:18 < Robert> This session has now ended.